Identifying Best Practices in Open Innovation

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Haiti Mobile Money Initiative

Haiti Mobile Money

A 2010 earthquake devastated Haiti, including wiping out much of its banking infrastructure, which limited the flows of money and the rebuilding of the economy. The $10M Haiti Mobile Money Initiative (HMMI) jointly funded by the Gates Foundation and USAID provides an example of non-profit funds sparking the development of socially beneficial services from private companies. Learn how the HMMI has sparked the creation of a mobile financial services platform that can accelerate the rebuilding of Haiti

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Charles Lindbergh and the Orteig Prize

Charles Lindbergh congratulated by Raymond Orteig

Charles Lindbergh’s flight from New York to Paris electrified the world and signified the start of commercial aviation. What is less known is that Lindbergh’s flight was made possible by the $25K Orteig Prize and he was the unlikely winner who emerged late in the game. Find out how Raymond Orteig’s prize created a modern-day hero and unlocked commercial aviation.

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